Home of the "Blue Crabs"  
5 year East Severna Park Swim League Champions


We are located at 179 Old River Road, Arnold, Maryland 21012

We have a small parking lot located adjacent to the pool.  During peak periods we ask members and visitors when possible to park in the lower lot to make the upper lot accessible for our members and visitors with small children and those with difficulty walking.  During swim meets we ask all members and visiting teams to carpool whenever possible.  Please look for swim team volunteers to direct parking to the lower lot, when that is full more parking is available in the Pines-On-The-Severn playground lot which is located on Severn Way before you make your way down the hill to the pool.  Parking on the street near the pool will result in a ticket.

  1. DO NOT double park in the upper lot, Emergency Vehicles need clear access at all times.
  2. Note the yellow lines on the driveway and do not park in this area, these are to ensure emergency vehicles have clear access.
  3. Do not block the private driveway heading to the pools main lot.

For Directions Click Here

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