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4 year East Severna Park Swim League Champions

Chase Creek Swim Club currently has openings for Associate and Resident Bond memberships. Resident Bond 
Memberships are available to residents of Pines on the Severn or Winchester on the Severn. The Associate 
membership is available to all other interested parties. The season begins Saturday, May 26th and runs 
through Labor Day Weekend. We hope you’ll join us.

Resident Bond Members: purchase a $500.00 bond to join. $200.00 is a non-refundable joining fee and the balance ($300.00) can be returned when membership ceases. As a new bond member, half of the total bond 
is paid in the first two years along with the regular membership fee. After two years, you pay only the annual 
membership fee.

Year 1 Bond Member: $250 (of bond) + $485 membership fee)=$735 for check payment
 $756.00 f(with surcharge) for Paypal

When you renew for subsequent years, the amounts follow: 
Year 2 Bond Member:  f$250 (of bond) + $485 ( membership fee)=$735 for check payment
$756.00 (with surcharge) for Paypal 

Year 3+ Bond Member: $485.00 for check paymet
$500.00   (with surcharge)for Paypal

Associate Membership: ( Do not live in Pines or Winchester):
 $685.00 for check payment

$705.00  (with surcharge) for PayPal

If you are paying by check, please make your check payable to CHASE CREEK SWIM CLUB, INC.; also complete 
the  Membership Form and send to the address below.

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Chase Creek Swim Club
PO Box 29 Arnold, MD 21012.

 All dues are to be paid by May 1, 2018  Late fee of $50 assessed after this date

Michelle Montalbano

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